Part 3-The Travel Gear Diaries: Hardware

I’ll basically be carrying a portable movie studio in my carry on bag for our trip.

We stocked up on a lot of this gear when we were home for Christmas. Some was a gift from ourselves to ourselves which is not really in the spirit of Christmas but we wanted to make sure that we had everything to share our trip visually and interactively with the world. The feigned reactions between Lisa and I around my parents house on Christmas sounded like this:

“Oh honey, a mavic air? You knew!”

“As I live and breathe! The Go-pro hero 5? You shouldn’t have!”

Our school’s ‘What is experiential education?’ promotional video that I made in 2017.

Movie making started as a hobby for me and morphed into part of my job as a technology integrationist at Korea International School. Although our school has the legendary Scott Smith who is our primary media production person, in addition to making instructional videos on final cut pro I sometimes get the opportunity to make some shorts on graduation, applied learning or experiential education when he has too much on his plate; and I jump on the chance when there’s a cool story to tell. As youtube is the default media platform for 12-25 year olds, having some basic video editing skills has become essential for those that prefer this form of visual literacy. With that, comes the hardware to make it happen.

Tools of the trade

Mavic Air Drone: The mavic air is considerably smaller than the mavic pro and the beastly phantom 4. I have 2 spare batteries. One I’ll carry in the backpack and the other in my checked bag. Drones can be annoying but can capture those beautiful wide shots that show landscape and context like no other. Look at the opening few seconds of the Mongolia ‘Part 3’ video below if you don’t believe me.

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Travel Notebook: For sketching and writing.

1 TB Hard Drive: Having an external hard drive is essential for the 4K footage that the drone shoots and storing it on the hard drive is much easier than the macbook.

Macbook Air: Much lighter than the macbook pro, I prefer it hands down over the PC. Some of the movie making apps I use are final cut pro for major project and motion for custom text animations.

Google Chromecast: For streaming Netflix shows to the TV via USB port. Nice for when we want to chill out and watch some movies as a family. (Not pictured)

iPad: Smaller than the iPad pro, the standard iPad is more compact and I’m still mulling over whether to bring the logi tech bluetooth keyboard which weighs slightly more than the case. I think I’ll leave the latter at home as we’ll have the Macbook air keyboard when we need to get serious about typing. The apple pencil will be coming with us.

iPhone 6 Plus: My phone shoots decent video and at 1080, it’s pretty good resolution. I sync all my iPhotos to Google photos which has unlimited storage. I have a phone clip/mount with a bluetooth trigger.

Ricoh Theta 360 degree Camera with Tripod: For when I want to get an immersive 360 video or picture without much production value. Think I’ll create a channel within my channel called ‘The Space Between’ which will be 2-3 minute videos of un-notable moments that I’ll want to capture and don’t want to put in time on the production value.

2 Loop Travel Adaptors: Each with 2 USB ports for charging mobile devices.

2 Lightening Cables and 2 Android Cables: Lisa has a Samsung device and I Apple.

Go Pro Hero 5 with Underwater Housing: I flooded our edge camera last summer in Hawaii while snorkeling with Manta rays and we upgraded to the Here 5. (Not pictured) We bought the underwater housing and have a hand mount and strap which makes the camera positively buoyant when in water. Typically, filming with this has been Lisa’s job as I’ve taken underwater stills with my Sealife 1400 with external flash which is beastly. Getting underwater video is challenging down deep, but with a hand light or shooting near the surface, color can be improved dramatically in post production.

Resmed Travel CPAP Machine: Okay, it’s not related to movie making, but this will by carried on my person and will be getting the most use out of all the gear in my bag.

3 USB Drives: These have varying storage from 15 GB to 100GB.

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