The Travel Gear Diaries: Part 2-Footwear for an Around the World Trip

Gary’s Footware

My three sets of tires. Wonder what condition they’ll be like a year from now.

For Rugged and Walking We weren’t planning on doing any huge hikes or anything alpine but we needed something waterproof, warm and ankle high for long walks around the city. Back in my early twenties when I was doing more mountain climbing, I was very monogamous with Raichle brand as they were super durable, and the hard leather held up when sliding down hills laterally. For this trip however, a trip to REI introduced me to ‘Oboz‘, a small company out of Montana whose shoe was extremely comfortable and warm. The heel support was the best I’ve ever felt. Tough. But casual and comfortable.

For Exercise My workout shoes have been Nike over the years. I found a new pair of ‘Air Max’ at the factory outlet store in Ontario hills that will join me for morning cardio routines and an option to mix things up if I needed a break from the Oboz.

For The Beach I was going to bring my reef sandals and wear them until they died, but my mother found a pair of flip flops from a great company while up in Oregon called ‘Oofos‘. At first glance, they look like they might have the feel of pair of crocs, but after slipping them on, had the best arch support I’ve ever had with a pair of sandals.

Lisa’s Footware

3 or 4 sets.

For Hardcore In addition to the beachy ‘Oofos’, she went with ‘Keens‘ as they had nice fit for her wide foot and good heel support. Keens have been around for a while and have a good reputation.

For Casual Lisa has 2 pairs that have been to Europe and back a few times that have held up well and she’s on the fence of whether to bring 1 or both. The first is her ‘Ahnus‘ which are Teva product and make a comfortable but casual shoe. For her other pair, she’s a fierce devotee of ‘Taos‘ which are not cheap by any stretch, but have held up well over the years.

Ava’s Footware

The glittery ones won’t be coming

For Walking White Adidas shoes (she liked the color of the stripes) that are a little bit too big but should be a good fit by this summer. To keep them in good condition, we packed them up in her suitcase.

Second Walking Shoes (Not pictured) We also have a pair of nike running shoes in the mail that will offer more heel and arch support and be good for long walks around the city.

For the Beach She has had some ‘hand me down’ keen sandals that she is clearly outgrowing, but we wanted to wait till closer to the summer to buy them locally.

Glittery Shoes Ava used her skills of incessant whining about why her glittery shoes should be brought on the trip, but they’re built more for fashion than support. I’ll bring her down softly in the spring as to why these will be staying home. They draw too much attention to themselves and to us.

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