Our Favorite Hotel Booking Sites to Save Money

Hotels.com This is one of our favorite booking sites. After 10 stays, you get a voucher towards a stay from your average booking prices.

Hotwire Like ‘Priceline’, you can purchase a hotel stay as an express deal, (not knowing the specific hotel) but will spend less than booking through the individual property.

Booking.com Although this doesn’t have the free 11th night, we have found some good steals here. With multiple bookings, users get a ‘genius discount’ which can be 10% discounts on stays or discounted activities.

Priceline has ‘express deals’ which are discounts at the last minute. If you are not too picky, you can bid on a stay, and get member deals if you’re a frequent user.

Hilton We both have have Hilton branded credit cards and get 12 points per dollar spent. You have to book through their site, but after racking up rewards, splurge and ‘treat yo-self‘.

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