What’s in a Name?

“What should we call it?” My wife Lisa asked.

A few years ago, my wife and I had an idea. Not to sleep in separate beds or anything, but to take a trip around the world as a family for a year. I don’t know what prompted it. Perhaps it was the ever increasing audibility of our knees as we lifted ourselves off the toilet, christening the onset of old age. At 42 and 47, we’re definitely in the middle age bracket, but not quite ‘near elderly’.

The planning would be no small feat, but with enough time we were confident that we could figure it out. Some of the big questions that we have had to answer are:

  1. How to save up enough money to finance a year’s travel?
  2. What are we going to do with all our ‘crap’ for a year? (We are living in Korea at the time)
  3. Who is going to take care of our two cats?
  4. How much will health insurance cost and can we get an affordable plan that gives us enough coverage?
  5. Could we blog about it? (and what would be a good name?)
  6. How will our daughter receive recognition for her learning on the road as a fourth grader so she’ll be able to enroll as a fifth grader?

Our two cats, ‘Georgie’ and ‘Cutie Soft Paws’

If you’re still reading this, like me, you probably already have a headache. Trip planning is supposed to be fun, isn’t it? Why bog down a perfectly good vacation with responsibility?

Except it wasn’t. A vacation that is. This was to be our new way routine with a finite amount of money, with the objective of delivering an educational experience for our daughter with a broad world view. Simple, right?

We plan to begin our trip in June of 2019 (when our teaching contracts expire) and we have started to cobble a bucket list of destinations together on a spreadsheet. As I write this, we are currently under a year away, it is now the time to kick our planning into high gear. With the above questions going unanswered, we needed to get something done, so we settled on a wordpress blog to chronicle the experience. The first step in setting up any blog is to give it a name, because once that’s done, it can’t be changed.

“Any blog name should be somewhat short and sweet, but catchy and easy to remember if you’re telling it to someone in passing.” I replied back to her.

“We’ll be writing about travel destinations, tips for traveling, but also the education and the learning angle”. We came up with the following list:

  • Schooling around the world
  • The world is our school
  • Learning about the world
  • Bucket list family (we found this was taken)
  • Worldschooling Ava (too pretentious)
  • Worldly schooling Ava (Tips on how to emotionally abuse your child)
  • A kid, a swimmer and a techie go into a bar…
  • Small steps in a big world
  • A family that travels together
  • Our traveling family

“How about ‘Nomadic Edventures?'” My wife offered.

And with that, the list got a little bit smaller.

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